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NYD is a card game of strategy and choices, where mastery of using your team and terrain to your advantage is vital. Craft your deck with followers from three factions, build a team, and fight against adversaries across multiple game modes.

Protectors of the light, Celestials are ethereal beings who built their society worshiping the ideals and devoting themselves to eradicating anything which might endanger the vision of their virtues.

Hungry for knowledge and power, humans are a race that seeks to explore worlds they envisioned in their dreams. Enabled by their free will, Humans are the only races that can tap into the light and darkness, drawing power from both the Celestial and Demon realms.

Born as a mutation of near perfection, demons seek to achieve power by leaching the will of other creatures. While their hierarchy appears impeccable, it's frequently contested from the outside and within.

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Building on the well-established traditional style of card games, NYD strives to go a step further by incorporating RPG elements and multiple ways to earn while interacting with the game.

Using the advantages of the blockchain and combining it with a AAA level of gameplay, NYD aims to provide an experience that all types of gamers can enjoy.

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As we steadily approach the last stage of pre production of the game, we want to let you know in which direction we are headed.

The following road map will apply from the point when the studio has raised the preseed round investment.

Phase 1

- Raising the pre seed investment
- PVP Mode
- Deck Building
- Closed Alpha

Phase 2

- Additional gameplay systems
- Whitelist
- NFT Marketplace
- PVE Mode
- Closed Beta

Phase 3

- NFT Collection Sale
- Open Beta
- Full Release
- DAO Launch

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